Website Back Up

Posted by: Dawson Irvine

After being down for an undetermined amount of time I have gotten the site back up and function. I hope to eventually upgrade the design and functionality of the website to be more user friendly in the future.

Like Us on Facebook

Posted by: dnirvine

We have created a FaceBook page to help get the site out to others! Visit our page at and Like Us! You can also check the bottom of the page as the "Like" button has changed a bit to allow you to like us right on Facebook easily, without leaving the website!

Add Towns & Elevators

Posted by: dnirvine

We have added the ability for our users to add new communities in the USA and Canada that are not listed. In saying that we have also added the ability to add elevators not listed to communities currently listed or just added! After the elevators and communities have been added then you can upload your photos.

Should you have any questions about the process, please feel free to e-mail us!

Mobile Browsing

Posted by: dnirvine

While not the complete website, you can now view our mobile website at which at the present time will find all elevators (standing and demolished) within' 10 miles of your present location (if provided)!

Great for traveling and elevator watching!

Domain Name Upgraded

Posted by: dnirvine

We have now upgraded our domain to be our actual domain name instead of just a forward. This means now everything is hosted on instead of visiting!

Stay tuned as we will be adding more features in the times to come!!!

Contact Us Form Working

Posted by: dnirvine

We just noticed a problem concerning our Contact Us form that made it so we couldn't receive any e-mails. Between the work of our hosting company and us we have managed to solve the problems. I am not sure how long this problem has been here but due to the fact we didn't get any e-mails since the site launch, even though our site said the e-mail had been sent (it was a problem with the server).

Should you wish to contact us or re-send any e-mails you did send, please try again as it should be working fine this time round. :-)

Website Launched

Posted by: dnirvine

Vanishing Landmarks has been relaunched with a new look, new owner, but same purpose! Here to preserve the landmarks on the prairies that are vanishing, the wooden grain elevators. While not all photos in the archive are of wooden elevators as there are many that are concrete, we prefer the look of the wooden elevators.

Please keep in mind the site is still under a testing phase so if you find any problems or bugs please let us know immediately so we can fix them. :-)

Enjoy your time here at Vanishing Landmarks!!!